Memeira: The MemeLion Queen

Embrace the era of Memeira, where memeverse finds its one true ruler -

Bid adieu to barking dogs & croaking frogs, as the queen takes her throne, roaring with her pride of Memelions, to Bring Back Meme Magic #BBMM

Unleash your memetic power with $Memeira: The One memecoin to rule them all

King Queen Memeira

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$Memeira Contract Address:


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Who is Memeira?

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Chapter 1: The Promised Queen

In the vast expanse of the Memeverse, a legendary lioness named Memeira awakened from a deep slumber that had lasted years. As her eyes fluttered open, a surge of memetic energy radiated from her, causing a ripple of excitement to spread throughout the digital landscape. Memers from far and wide, whether they were seasoned or fresh faces in the Memeverse, felt a mysterious pull drawing them towards Memeira.

Rafiki, the wise and revered shaman of the Pride Lands, had long foretold of Memeira's coming. He had prophecized that Memeira was the Promised Queen destined to free the Memeverse from the clutches of the imposter dogs, Inus, and the tyrannical rule of frog meme lords. The Memelions, a loyal pride of memers, believed fervently in the prophecy and rallied behind Memeira, recognizing her as the Promised Queen.

Memeira, the long-lost sister of Simba, possessed a unique and an extraordinary power.....

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$Memeira: One memecoin to rule them all

Armed with the Crown of Mufasa, Memeira has embarked on a mission to bring back meme magic. She has unveiled $Memeira: The one memecoin to rule them all.


Token Supply: 77,777,777,777,786

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Zero Taxes, Zero Hassle

LP Lock and Burn: Liquidity pool (LP) tokens has been locked for a full year. After this period, the LP tokens will be ceremoniously burned to ashes

$Memeira Contract has been renounced

Supply is built only for the Memeverse:

    • 92.14% of $Memeira are locked in the uniswap liquidity pool
    • 7.86% are held in a multi-sig only for future cex listings & liquidity pools

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$Memeira is the emblem of Memeira’s revolution & embodies her spirit of creativity & the pursuit for memetic greatness by bringing in revolutions through laughter.

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Zero Taxes, Zero Hassle, Hakuna Matata

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How to buy

$Memeira Contract Address:


Step 1: Create a wallet

Download metamask or your wallet of choice from the app store or google play store for free. Desktop users, download the google chrome extension by going to

Step 2: Get some Eth

Make sure you have ETH in your Wallet. No ETH? No worries! You can buy directly on Metamask, transfer it from another wallet, or buy on another exchange and send it to your wallet.

Step 3: Go to Uniswap

Go to in google chrome or on the browser inside your Metamask app. Connect your wallet. Paste the $Memeira token address into Uniswap, select Memeira, and confirm. When Metamask prompts you for a signature, sign.

Step 4: Swap Eth for $Memeira

Swap ETH for $MEMEIRA. We have ZERO taxes, so you don't need to stress about specific slippage. Just keep slippage in mind during market volatility.


We have a no bullshit, a very simple and a clear roadmap. It's time to bring in the era of Memeira: The Promised MemeLion Queen !!!


Vibe, Meme,

Go Viral

  • Quash Pepe with dank memes


Meme & Meme & Meme some more

  • Outmeme Shiba Inu and make it howl in defeat


Reign & Revolutionize

  • Dethrone Doge, ascend Memeira's reign
  • Revolutionize world with joy, laughter and epic memes

This roadmap isn't just a plan—it's a memetic prophecy waiting to be fulfilled! But $Memeira is not just any other token, it's a token for the memers, by the memers. We believe that every memer should have a say in the evolution of Memeira and $Memeira.

Join our community, our pride of Memelions, and shape the future of $Memeira. Together, we will unleash the full potential of memes and bring revolutions and laughter to the world.

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Remember, memers, your memes have the power to change the world.

Are you ready to create memetic history? If so, then embrace the pride of Memelions, unleash your creativity, and spread laughter.



Let's together meme our way to greatness!

Memeira is a new fresh meme character created for humor and entertainment. We were tired of looking at all the unimaginative memes and memecoins of outdated cartoon characters. Memeira and $Memeira are for you and for everyone, so do as you please with it. We hope you use it to spread joy and laughter. $Memeira has no formal team and has no intrinsic value, unless you decide otherwise. It's completely in the hands of the community.

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